The goal of this journal is to address a number of little known aspects regarding the Romanian spirituality, language and culture. The linguistics articles will be presented from a new perspective, since the author along these lines proved that Romanian is not a real Romance language. Also archaeology, genetics and cultural anthropology will play a major role. The journal was created to inform the Romanians, as well as the foreign researchers (linguists, archaeologists and anthropologists) interested to learn more about Romanian language and culture. The journal is bi-lingual with articles in Romanian and English. The articles in  English are mostly for those of our readers who  do not speak or understand Romanian. It is a well-known fact among educated Romanians that their mother tongue was only superficially studied from historical point of view and therefore there are thousands of words in Romanian with unknown, uncertain or wrongly attributed origin. Our journal intends to address all these problems. Romanian linguistics is well behind world’s linguistics. The Indo-European (and Nostratic) studies make possible for Romanian language to be studied from a new perspective and solve a series of old problems. In the same way, the progress of archaeology, genetics and anthropology will help us to better understand ourselves in the light of truth and make ourselves known  to the other nations of the world. We hope that readers and specialists from all over the world will find interest in our journal.

Mihai Vinereanu