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CATO MAJOR/ CATO MARCIUS PORCIUS (234-149 BC) a witness of Getic writing’s ancientness

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Cato Maior is a prominent Roman writer and politician of the III-II centuries, BC. In his work Origines, today lost, but long quotations are preserved in De verborum significatu (On the Meaning of the Words) of Sextus Pompeius Festus and in the Medieval author Bonaventura Vulcanius De litteris et lingua Getarum sive Gothorum” (On Getic or Gothic Letters and Language) where he states that the Dacians have had a writing system before the foundation of Rome, 753 BC. The author shows also that Carolus Lundius, a Swedish writer of the 17th century mentions that the Getae (Dacians) received their alphabet from Giants, thousands of years before as is written on a huge rock found in the Archaeological Museum of Uppsala.

THE IMPORTANCE OF HISTORICAL GEOGRAPHY.HISTORY IS, FIRST OF ALL, GEOGRAPHY! (Jules Michelet)                                    

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Here’s a sensible reason why this science should become an educational discipline starting with just the middle school, and, as for the higher education, this discipline should be also introduced to the School of History (and l'histoire est avant tout géographie) not only the School of Geography, where it was, as Prof. Marin Giurăscu, who had worked there until half a century ago, confided, irrationally abolished, as the lack of knowledge in such domain of crucial importance has led to major errors, also in the academic environment. As for me, I joined the reasonable opinion of those two, scientific above all, figures.