On the Centum Features of Thraco-Dacian Language

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The centum/satem distinction refers to the nature of the first two dialects that appeared in Proto-Indo-European, namely the different evolution of Proto-Indo-European palatal velars *k , *g and *g'h. The western dialect was named centum and the Eastern one satem. Following this distinction, we can demonstrate that the Traco-Dacian language is a centum, not a satem language as it was believed since 19th century to the present. The Romanian lexical elements of Thraco-Dacian origin, discussed in this article have centum, not satem features which proves that this language was a centum language and even related to Latin and other Italic languages. Furthermore, we may easily distinguish the genuine Slavic lonawords into Romanian and vice-versa. Until now the Romanian linguists were completely unaware of these details.